Dress Code

• First impressions count; we want all UTC Warrington students to have a competitive edge.

• The UTC Warrington Dress Code mirrors the smart business attire worn by the professionals in the industry they aspire to work in.

• Our students will regularly work alongside university and employers partners; we want them to look professional and integrate seamlessly.

• This Dress Code is underpinned by a common sense approach; ambiguities surrounding its application will focus around the question ‘would you wear that to a formal job interview?’

• The Principal & Chief Executive retains the final decision on all matters relating to the Dress Code. Accidental misinterpretation of the Dress Code will be dealt with leniently; repeated defiance of the Dress Code will result in parents being contacted and students being told to return home to change and return appropriately.

• This Dress Code will be reviewed annually, with students and parents views sought before any changes are imposed.


Download a copy of the UTC Warrington Dress Code here.


Male Dress Code

• 2 piece matching formal suit in navy blue, blue, black or grey

• Optional matching waistcoat, V-neck jumper

• Plain black or brown shoes • Dark socks

• UTCW official tie (choose from range of colours available)

• Year 10 – White shirt, with top button fastened

• Year 12 – Any coloured shirt, with top button fastened

• Cufflinks are acceptable

X No round neck jumpers

X No logos or overt branding

X No white socks

X No casual jackets

X No jeans or chinos


Female Dress Code

• Matching formal suit in navy blue, blue, black or grey
o Blazer type jacket
o Trousers or skirt
o Year 12 students can alternatively wear a smart formal dress

• Optional cardigan or v-neck jumper (in matching colours)

• Black or brown shoes o Heels up to 2½ inches (smart black leather boots will be allowed; not casual boots or fashion items)
o In the interests of Health and Safety no sandals or shoes/boots with an open toe – closed toes only

• Dark socks or tights (optional)

• UTCW official neck scarf or tie

• Year 10 – White shirt with stiff collar

• Year 12 – Any coloured shirt or blouse

X No coloured tights

X No logos or overt branding

X No casual jackets

X No jeans or chinos



• At UTC Warrington, students need to arrive at college fully prepared for the day; that means carrying the requisite items to be fully equipped to learn.

• In addition to carrying items in their bag, students will also have access to a locker, which locks electronically and is operated by personal ID card.

• As students wear smart business dress to UTC Warrington, the bag which they carry should also fit in with the Dress Code.

• The preferred bag for both male and female students is a black or brown leather satchel; ideal for carrying books, files, laptops/notebooks and stationery.

• On those days that students have PE on their timetable, they are also permitted to carry a holdall. This should be stored in a locker when not needed and retrieved just before the lesson/returned straight after the lesson.

• UTC Warrington offer a branded Nike PE holdall.  This is available from our PE kit provider for approx. £18.

• Experience tells us rucksacks can damage the shoulders of students’ suits. Hence the request for a satchel and holdall.


Ties & Neck Scarves

UTC Warrington students must wear a UTC Warrington branded tie or neck scarf and can choose from a range of colours.

• Students can buy as many ties as they like, to mix and match with suits.

• Cost:
o Tie £7
o Neck Scarf £7

• Ties should be tied up to the top button, with the tip of the tie touching the top of the belt line.

• Neck scarves can be worn in a variety of ways to suit individual preference.