UTC Warrington Employer-led Projects


Employer engagement is an essential part of the UTC Warrington model. The experience our students will gain when working with our employer partners will be invaluable both in their studies and in the future when they apply for a place at university, an apprenticeship or apply for a job. The experience gained working with small, medium and large organisations will help make our students stand out from the crowd!


By spending time working with employers, students will have the opportunity to learn the basic work environment skills such as office etiquette, time keeping and sending a professional e-mail; whilst also being given the opportunity to understand how environments in different types of organisations vary depending on the nature of the business and position held.


Our employer partners have committed to working with students to give them the best possible work experience within their specialist areas of energy and engineering. They understand that our students are their future workforce, so they want them to be the best!


Year 10


Year 10 students will have a minimum of 20 “Employer Engagement” days during the academic year. These days will include spending time out on work placements, working on employer-led technical projects, attending masterclasses held by key representatives from within the industry and taking part in employer managed workshops.


Year 12


From Year 12 students will undertake up to two days per week on work placement following a “Preparing for the Working World” workshop programme. The “Preparing for the Working World” workshop programme will include sessions on how to write an effective CV and application form, along with interview and presentation skills. The programme will be designed in conjunction with our employer partners to ensure both student and employer prepare for the best possible work placement experience.




In addition to work placements, technical projects, workshops and masterclasses our employer partners will act as mentors to students and provide unique opportunities such as trips to visit their specialist facilities.