Technical Projects

A unique part of the curriculum at UTC Warrington are Technical Projects. Working with our employer partners our staff will collaborate with industry experts to set real life technical projects for students to work on aligned to modules studied as part their qualifications.  The projects will be designed to deepen and enrich learning from across the curriculum whilst building crucial professional skills and characteristics.


Students will work in groups to identify, explore and evaluate solutions to a real-life engineering problem. Working closely with employers students will work together to identify and develop their best solution for the technical project problem based on their findings.


Upon completion, students, in their groups will present their findings and ideas back to their peers, staff and representatives from the employer partner involved.


In some cases ideas and solutions developed by students will be implemented within our employer partners businesses. Students will have the opportunity to visit employer sites to see their work put into practice, which will really add a sense on achievement to the hard work they will have put into their ideas.