The UTC curriculum is characterised by a wide range of Science, Engineering, and Creative courses, alongside core national curriculum subjects. The programme we offer is underpinned by personal and employability development.

Students will:

Study a core national curriculum of the following subjects:

Choose a specialist subject in one of the following options:

Personalise the curriculum with the following courses:


As well as achieving the full range of GCSEs, students have access to leading STEM organisations from across the North West who will contextualise their learning and nurture their creative thinking. 

Throughout their time at UTCW, students will build knowledge and contextualise their learning through our network of employer partners. This is done through work experience opportunities, guest lectures, and employability embedded throughout the UTC.

Partner organisations work with UTC Warrington to deliver specialist masterclasses, CV & interview skills, and a range of project-based tasks. 


From 2018, our students will gain access to a professional mentor, comprising of local employers, business leaders, and community champions who have a passion for supporting young people.

Our mentors will meet with students throughout the year to discuss their academic reports and offer professional guidance to demonstrate how students can achieve their best possible academic success, and subsequently contextualise how their effort at UTCW will translate to high level apprenticeships and employment.



Alongside the UTC curriculum, we have a strong focus on personal development and activities that can support the integration of softer skills that employers look for.

Our enrichment activities allow students to spend time taking part in activities that they enjoy. These include boxing, young enterprise, cultural club, and long term projects such as the Water Aid Challenge. All of our enrichment activities allow for the development of key personal attributes such as presentation skills, leadership qualities, financial management, and resilience. 

Once per year, we drop down the timetable at UTCW for the annual enrichment week. This is an opportunity to extend student knowledge and experiences by enhancing areas of the curriculum not covered in standard lesson time. We are joined by our employer partners who support in producing mini challenges, skills workshops, and site visits. 


At UTCW, all students will be assigned a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) who will be the first point of contact each day. Our daily tutor sessions takes place between 8:30am and 9:00am, where students will learn about modern issues, current affairs and a weekly employability session to track progress around career-readiness. 

The half hour morning session also allows for your PAT tutor to address any attendance or progress issues. 



In supporting our students on their journey to the best grades, our teachers will continuously monitor each student’s progress. Progress grades will be assessed and shared with students and parents throughout the year in termly reports.

Students’ individual programme of study will be amended on the basis of these reports and additional support provided where necessary.

We will also invite parents and carers to meet with subject teachers in regular parents evenings throughout the year. A key part of the UTCW success is transparent communication and support between the college, its students, and parents/carers.