Sixth Form Curriculum

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Engineering Pathway
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Science Pathway

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Creative Pathway

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Digital Pathway

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Business Pathway

Technical Projects 

Working with our employer partners our staff will collaborate with industry experts to set real life technical projects for students to work on aligned to modules studied as part their qualifications.  The projects will be designed to deepen and enrich learning from across the curriculum whilst building crucial professional skills and characteristics.

During the current academic year students have taken in part in two technical projects, in the first term students worked on the Siemens Green Power Racing project. The aim was for students to set up teams that would work on all the different facets of a formula 1 team. Students had develop the design of the kart, the costing, the building of the kart and who would be involved in being a pit team and what that involved. Students developed several soft skills across the project and linked different design and manufacture engineering task too their current courses. We currently have a go kart half built and in the process of designing the chassis and students will take part I racing the kart against other colleges next year.

In our second project that we have just completed, students designed a new nuclear powerstation and the waste could be stored. The college was supported by Sellafield Ltd and the nuclear energy supply chain. The project amounted to 10 weeks collaborative work with employer partners, college staff and STEM ambassadors. The project culminated in a formal presentation to some the leading industry experts in nuclear energy.


Whilst studying at UTC Warrington, students engage in a rewards programme known as “PiXL EDGE”. Students earn tokens based on the 5 elements of the PiXL EDGE personal development framework; leadership, organisation, communication, initiative and resilience. The PiXL Edge is a framework designed for schools and colleges to develop and accredit in students those personal attributes essential for employability and life.

Please view the video to see what PiXL Edge is all about.

UTC Warrington Employer-Led Opportunities

The experience our students gain when working with our employer partners is be invaluable both in their studies and in the future when they apply for a place at university, an apprenticeship or a job. The experience and enhanced levels of understanding gained working with a variety of small, medium and large organisations will help our students stand out from the crowd!

By spending time working with employers, students have the opportunity to learn the basic work environment skills such as office etiquette, time keeping and sending a professional e-mail; whilst also being given the opportunity to understand how environments in different types of organisations vary depending on the nature of the business and position held. Our employer partners have committed to working with students to give them the best possible work experience within their specialist sectors. They understand that our students are their future workforce, so they want them to be the best!

Students have the opportunity to meet employers regularly, with master classes taking place on a regular basis allowing students to understand what happens in the world or work. Highlights this academic year have been – Pete Waterman talking about the opportunities of 3D printing in the rail industry, Sellafield Ltd presenting the growing opportunities in nuclear decommissioning and Manchester Metropolitan University discussing with students the benefits of pursuing an engineering career.

6th form students take up placement opportunities throughout the academic year. Work placements vacancies are posted on a jobs board in the college and students apply for the posts they are interested in with a CV and letter of application or by completing an application form. To reflect the working world student applications are shortlisted and candidates interviewed. Successful candidates go on to undertake their work placement, whilst feedback is given to those who were not successful in order to encourage them to improve when they apply for the next opportunity.  On a work experience placement students have the opportunity to access real world projects and meet with staff from employer partners whilst receiving mentoring, coaching and guidance on their future careers.


Enrichment is an essential part of the curriculum at UTC Warrington. Our enrichment programme promotes the life-skills needed for everyday life, by developing “soft skills” employers and universities look for, while also giving students the opportunity to find out more about their interests and passions.

6th Form students have the ability to opt into the enrichment activities on offer at the college or run a session with our younger students. During a typical half term students will have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award, robotics with our partners VEX, sailing lessons, STEM club, several sporting activities at Orford Jubilee Hub and coding club focused on the use of robotic arms in industry.

The key deciding factor in the enrichment we offer is the input of our students. We are always willing to look at different opportunities available to students in the local area and further a field. If you have a passion please feel free to discuss it with us